78 Easter Bunkbeds


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April 10, 1981 – May 4, 1981

We (sort of) bring back the drinking game. Mom had a wedding reception and got us bunkbeds for Easter. On the job front Mom did really well. She made a really big sale, got through her probationary period then got a raise and moved over to the shoe department as the department head’s “right-hand man”. Our budget was a bit tight because we were still recovering from being broke but overall things were looking up.

This Week’s Thoughts

Those bunkbeds have a long and interesting story. We slept in those for about 7 years. Then, once Mat and I had separate rooms, we tore the frame apart and rebuilt it as a weight/workout rack. We used it that way for another year until we moved again and couldn’t take it with us. I remember that day and how excited we were to have the beds. Of course I got the top because Mom was freaked out about Mat falling off. I actually did that first when I fell off getting into bed one night. It’s the same story I mention in this episode so I won’t go into it much more except to say that my head still hurts when I think about it 33 years later. We also mentioned a drawing, Mat sent me the picture of it so I’ll include it here:

I want to mention, the picture Mat says he sent me didn’t come through for some reason. The bottom part of it is in the full version of the picture above but not the whole thing. It’s not that it matters much. Mat showed it to me while we were recording and it’s really blurry so you can’t tell who’s who in it. We were very surprised though, Mom was just as excited as we were too. Considering how bad off we’d been up until then it’s not surprising. Well, that’s enough for this week. Hopefully Mat and I can get together a bit earlier next week and record a couple of episodes, but I guess we’ll see. Enjoy!

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