79 Greatest American Mom


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May 5, 1981 – May 24, 1981

A friend of Mom’s has her baby just in time for Mother’s Day and she wasn’t sure but thought our dog might have been pregnant. Mom kept busy at work with two different sales but also gets to relax and reconnect with old friends that moved back to the area. She also decided that someday she’d get herself a motorcycle and the endorsement so she wouldn’t have to wait on “R” to go riding. Finally, at 22 years old, Mom expresses her discontent with settling into home life. Oh, and stay tuned for the Outro for a surprise!

This Week’s Thoughts

I guess I didn’t go into it but watching that first episode of “The Greatest American Hero”
is a very specific memory I have. I thought that show was great. I know I didn’t get to see it every week but I remember enjoying it a lot. You can watch the first episode free on Amazon if you click that link. Mat mentioned that they were going to reboot this show. Like I’ve said I sure hope they give William Katt a part in the new show. At least just a bit part if not an all-out regular role. I’m also hoping this will be more than just a teen-reboot of a popular classic show (like they did to Teen Wolf, my daughter’s favorite show). Regardless, I’ll end up watching at least the first episode. You know, a review podcast would be a great new podcast… Mat? What do you think, want to cram another project into our already hectic schedule? We hope you are all still enjoying this thing we do. Let us know if you want. Enjoy!

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