#8 Lawton sucks


This picture should be from around the time of these entries. I’m not sure though, could be a few months before or after but pretty close so now you can see what we looked like at the time Mom was writing to us. As for the title, I can’t really say if Lawton still sucks, I have a friend who lives there now though so I really should ask. I’ll let you guys know next time. Also, we’re trying something new! Mat and I decided that we are going to shorten the next several episodes and see if the format works better. This one comes in right at 35 minutes. We think this will make it easier for you all to listen to the episodes. Since it won’t take as much time to listen to an episode you guys might be able to finish an episode in one sitting. I know that sometimes even I don’t have time to finish an entire episode without taking a break. So let us know if you like the shorter format. You can leave a comment below, email either Mat or myself or vote on our change with the Facebook Poll we set up.

In other news, I’m adding two new rules to the Drinking Game! Rule #2 will now be: Drink whenever a “pee bird” reference is made. Rule #3 is: Take a shot when Mom’s anxious side comes out. You’ll have a couple of opportunities to apply these rules in this episode so enjoy it. And again, let us know what you think of the podcast in general, the new changes or anything else. (P.S. I’m still working on the “Stories of Kendra” page, sorry.)

K-LAW 101 in Lawton, OK was apparently a Rock and Roll station in 1976 but now it’s a Country station. I wonder if they’ve ever used the tagline, “Laying down the LAW” or played any version of “I Fought the Law”?

August 2, 1976 – August 21, 1976


In this episode we find out why Ft. Sill has a regulation that forbids family members from visiting soldiers in the field and Mom makes another pee bird reference. We also hear what her plans were for the journal at the time, she makes a claim that she’ll never leave Oregon again unless she absolutely has to and her anxious side comes out. We end the episode with an entry from “the future”! Actually it’s from 1980, explaining that there might be a missing notebook. We never did find it so next episode will skip ahead to 1977, where we’ve already moved back to Oregon. But that’s for next time. Enjoy!

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