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July 1, 1981 – August 16, 1981

Mom didn’t start this month doing very well but she kept her chin up. She celebrated knowing “R” for a year, had a birthday and got to visit an old friend. She also planned the redecoration of our house, spent some time on the boat and took us boys to the ear doctor. Finally she dressed up for the “Crazy Days Sale” at work with one of her coworkers as the “Big Butt Sisters”.

This Week’s Thoughts

So, first I’d like to apologize for the length of time it’s taken me to get an episode up. Two months is a long time to go without any updates or anything. My job honestly has been keeping me busy lately. Mat and I have at least two more recorded and I believe he’s edited them. This one was on me though, I’ve had it downloaded to my computer for at least two months. I just haven’t had the time, so one last time “I apologize”, I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Getting back to the podcast, it was apparently a stressful time for Mom. Working, raising the two of us and dealing with a new marriage were really taking a lot out of her. At least she was having some fun and getting to redecorate the house too. I don’t remember a lot about that place before the remodel. I went there once as an adult to deliver a pizza (in 1998, about 17 years after the remodel) and was shocked to see the same carpet and linoleum that Mom had installed still there. It was all tore up and threadbare but it was still there. As far as I know it still is, although someone has since added a tip-out to where the front porch used to be. Just for reference, I’ll include a map to this house as I’m sure no one who originally owned this place is still there. Here you go:

That’s pretty much it. It used to be a lot greener, even when I was living in Hermiston a few years ago it looked a lot greener than this map. The house on the inside of the curve in the street that comes off the highway is where we lived. Just a small single-wide next to a barn. It looks like the house to the east of our old one has been expanded too. The really long building just south of the barn are the apartments that “R”s family owned. To the north, where you see a circular driveway, used to be an area that was on ground level with our house. Over the years it’s been filled in with dirt and rock. Well, I guess that’s enough of “Memory Lane”. Enjoy!

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