#9 Rumours


Not a whole lot to update you on this week. I’m still working on the “Stories of Kendra” page. Should be up soon. Mom had a pretty hectic time of it during the writing of this part. A lot of minor turmoil in our lives but stuff we all pulled through with the help of great friends. As always, you can comment below or email us. You can even talk to us through our Facebook page or Twitter account.

January 16, 1977 – April 22, 1977


This episode starts out with a new car (a 1967 Chevy Malibu Chevelle) but it goes back and we end up car-less. Mom also has a quick stint cutting rotten spots out of potatoes at Lamb-Weston, I assume in Hermiston but there were a lot of Lamb-Weston plants in that area back then so it could have been one of several places. We end up moving to Ione, OR to live with Mom’s friend Robin (the same one who comments on this website. Hi Robin!), and from the descriptions it almost sounds like a commune. Mom and Robin then start going back to school with plans on going to college afterward. Plus, Mom spends a lot of time hanging out at the local tavern. Enjoy!

The Facebook page of the bar in Heppner, OR where Robin worked and Mom hung out.


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  1. Robin Zobrist. says:

    Hello boys, that episode had me laughing and crying all at the same time. Your right I was crying when you told me not cry. I love you guys.
    When your mom and I worked a Smittys Pancake house in Pendlton she was very young and I think that MIght have been her first real job. She had never waited tables before. She wanted to be a dish washer when she first came out there. But she was so cute our boss wanted her to work the front.
    One time she had a table of four people, she took their water and menus to them. But forgot to go back. I reminded her,,so she went back to the table to take the order. I don’t think the customer noticed she had forgotten them, when the order was completed she took the food out and came back to the kitchen. I went out to check on my customers when I noticed her table was looking at the kitchen clearly looking for her. I ask if they need something only to find she had only brought three of the four meals. I went back and asked your Mom about it she said well the one lady talked into her menu and she couldn’t hear her so she just didn’t take her order. Lol I laughed because she was so cute. I of course told her she must ask again if she can’t hear the customer. She said “I told you I wanted to be a dishwasher, but you guys made me do this. From then on I always put her station right next to mine so I could keep an eye on her people to. She got much better as time went on. I sure miss her. Love you guys, oxoxo

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