From as far back as I could remember the journal was a part of our lives. Almost nightly, as my brother and I got ready for bed, I would see our mom sitting in a quiet corner, a lit cigarette in one hand and an ink pen in the other. As she sat there pouring her thoughts and emotions down on paper we’d change our clothes, brush our teeth, crawl into bed and then yell, “Good night Mom!”, she’d yell back “Good night!”, “We love you!”, “Love you too!”, “See you in the morning!”, “See you in the morning.”, and as we would fall asleep she would write about her day.

The journal was originally intended as a gift exclusively for me and my brother, however, as the years passed she started talking about finding a way to share our story. A couple of times she started trying to type the thousands of hand-written pages, but the emotional toll was too much for her to relive. Now that the journal has been passed down to us, we are determined to fulfill our mom’s wish and share her journal.

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