Drinking Game Rules

So the drinking game started in Episode 5 when Phillip made an off-hand comment after Mom made another comment about crappy diapers. That got the idea going so they started with the first rule, “Take one drink when Kendra mentions dirty diapers”. From there it is up to everyone else to come up with ideas as to the rest of the rules. The drinking game is in honor of a mom who liked to party. Anyone who knew her knew that and her boys want to symbolize that part of her life with this drinking game, so start suggesting rules!

The Kendra’s Journal Drinking Game Rules

  1. Take one drink when Kendra mentions dirty diapers.
  2. Drink whenever a “pee bird” reference is made.
  3. Take a shot when Kendra’s anxious side comes out.
  4. Drink when Kendra mentions money or her budget.
  5. Take two drinks when Kendra mentions buying a van.
  6. Take two shots when we move

6 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Here’s a new one. How about drink when Kendra talks about the budget? Or maybe that’d be too much drinking?

  2. Erica says:

    Another to add to the drinking game.. the mentions of you getting around to updating your website. 🙂

    I have a few things I need to order on Amazon. I will be clicking on the amazon link here because it wont cost me extra and it helps support your website.

    • Mat says:

      Haha, Hi Erica, thanks for your comment. Ok I get it we repeat ourselves a lot, but you never know what episode people are going to start on, so the reminders are always there. As far as the drinking game, I think we’d need to form a group for our collective drinking problem if we started drinking every time we mentioned updating the site. It just seem to always get pushed back. BUT, it will happen…….someday.

  3. Erica says:

    Cool on the update someday for the website- I’ll be looking forward to it. As for the drinking game- I started listening to the podcast a few months ago (all caught up now) and if I were a drinker I can see that I probably would need an intervention. 🙂 The reminders don’t bother me, I know not everyone listening is a currently listener and had the luxury of hearing the episodes without the wait – it’s just fun giving people a hard time about things sometimes. Keep up the great job. 🙂

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