Stories of Kendra

These are the stories other people have of Mom. Your stories. So feel free to share your stories below in the form we’ve provided. Once we’ve received it we’ll get it posted here.

From Debbie, grade school friend of Uncle Phil:

  • Kendra was a few years behind me in school, but her brother, Phil and I were in the same grade and my sister and Shannon were friends. We lived not far from them when they lived on Diagonal Road in Hermiston and we rode the school bus together.

    What I remember most about Kendra was her beautiful smile and that she would always sing songs on the school bus. She must have been about 12 or 13 and she just loved the song “Son of a Preacher Man”.

From Teresa, Mom’s cousin:

  • Enjoyed the memories! Romeo was a puppy from my little dog Minnie! She came to visit and couldn’t resist him. Kendra and I drove to Hermiston to Dr. Ford together for every appointment. I lived at Meacham and picked her up in Pendleton. We made the appointments together and even went in the room together to get our checks. Dr. Ford had delivered Leigh Ann so I just stuck with him and we decided since she would need transportation I would do it. Another great plan we made! I was due Nov 12th with Jaimi. I have some other funny stories if she doesn’t mention about Dr. visits.
  • The nurses were cracking up at her because the day I went in on the 12th she begged to be checked and her labor induced. Well they tried and told her to go out and walk so outside she went! I had to laugh because we would see her power-walking by the hospital window about 50 times with her arms just pumping! The nurse told me that she asked if she had you (Phillip) if she could be in the same room with me so make sure they didn’t put anyone else in the bed next to me! Well you had to wait 10 days, she was so annoyed and I swear the longest 10 days for her! Those were great days as we were both so excited to be pregnant and due so close together! Dr. Ford I am sure thought we were complete nuts!
  • The pills [to induce labor] are Pitosin (sp) and I did that the 1st time. You start with the pills on each side until you build up to about 6 pills. Now days they do it with IV and it is much more controlled. I was told after the fact that it makes labor much worse for pain and closer together. Oh great! They checked her out and thought she might get started with the pit pills.

From Robin, one of Mom’s oldest friends:

  • I remember when she went to Oklahoma I took them to the airport. We had a really cool time. It was sad though because your dad was leaving and she was so young. She had to be scared alone with a little baby boy. Your were such a cute little dude. We all loved you so much. I couldn’t get over how totally kissable you were. Those chubby cheeks. Well, you both had those kissable chubby cheeks. I sucked at writing letters back then and that hasn’t changed. And FYI everyone tried to get out of changing poopy diapers.
  • Also we went to the top of some building in Portland and spit. It was the tallest building we had ever been on. The spit was gone way before it hit the ground so we started yelling at people then ducking so they couldn’t see us. Now she was like I think 16 maybe 17. I on the other hand was probable 20 or 21. What ever I should have known better but it was fun. I miss her we always had such great times. She was a kick.

From Tanya, an old friend of Mat and Phillip:

  • Your mom told me a story about how when she was in Oklahoma they would play a game with spiders and cars. They would drive out at night and stop the car and turn the lights off. Then when they would flip the lights back on there would be HUGE spiders on the road. She described them as being as big as paper plates with the legs coming off from there. Anyway, they would hit the gas and see how many spiders they could run over.


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