Here we are with Episode 2! This time I gave reading a shot so Mat could be the color commentator. We had a great first week of downloads, over 120, including one from Australia. Thank you to our listener Down Under! Mat and I hope you’re all enjoying the podcast. We know the first episode was a bit rough, thanks for being so forgiving everyone. We also want to thank Cliff Ravenscraft aka The Podcast Answer Man. He is a podcast consultant who gave us a great compliment on Twitter.

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October 22, 1974 – November 8, 1974


This was still before I was born hence the title, “Waiting…”. Mom talks about what she’s planning on for names, talks about more friends of hers who are having babies and gives an excerpt of a poem from “The Prophet” about being a parent. It’s one of those things that she stuck to throughout the years too. A very good description of what kind of parent she was and what her view was of being a mother. She talks about a lot of other stuff too, she wrote a lot for two and a half weeks! Give the episode a listen by either downloading it, playing it below or subscribing to it in iTunes. Enjoy!

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    • Phillip says:

      Thanks Tanya, the voice mail at the beginning was Mat’s idea. He had it on his phone and decided it would be a great way to start the shows. I have to say I agree, but it almost brings me to tears when I hear it.

  1. Teresa Clark says:

    Enjoyed the memories! Romeo was a puppy from my little dog Minnie ! She came to visit and couldn’t resist him. Kendra and I drove to Hermiston to Dr. Ford together for every appointment. I lived at Meacham and picked her up in Pendleton. We made the appointments together and even went in the room together to get our checks. Dr. Ford had delivered Leigh Ann so I just stuck with him and we decided since she would need transportation I would do it. Another great plan we made! I was due Nov 12th with Jaimi. I have some funny other stories if she doesn’t mention about Dr. visits.

    • Phillip says:

      Thanks for sharing Teresa! Mom didn’t write about the Dr visits so feel free to share anything you’d like! Part of the reason we’re doing this is so people who knew mom can share their stories. So share away! I’m thinking of adding a page for people to have their memories of mom shared with everyone.

      • Teresa Clark says:

        The nurses were cracking up at her because the day I went in on the 12th she begged to be checked and her labor induced. Well they tried and told her to go out and walk so outside she went! I had to laugh because we would see her powerwalking by the hospital window about 50 times with her arms just pumping! The nurse told me that she asked if she had you if she could be in the same room with me so make sure they didn’t put anyone else in the bed next to me! Well you had to wait 10 days, she was so annoyed and I swear the longest 10 days for her! Those were great days as we were both so excited to be pregnant and due so close together! Dr. Ford I am sure thought we were complete nuts !

  2. Dad says:

    I’m starting to get caught up. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Your mom would really enjoy this. Anytime there is something that I can help enlighten or help with, let me know.
    Ken Chrysler was an english teacher we both had and he was much loved by many students, a really cool guy. Romeo was stolen from our front yard when we lived in the trailer, That trailer was 12 X 44 feet. Oh, and the total cost of Phillip’s birth was $500. You were born in Hermiston because she would only go to Dr Ford. Aldrich Park is up on North Hill in Pendleton and a special place for us. Nuff said! We met in late 1973. No, it never happened! There used to be 2 hospitals in Pendleton St Anthony’s and Pendleton Community Hospital.

    • Mat says:

      Thanks for the notes Dad. I’m sure there’s going to be more questions coming. It’s pretty amazing reading about the two of you at that point in time. I’m so grateful to be able to know you both better. Thank you for being so understanding towards what we’re doing. Love you!

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